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Joanne Rich. "In My Dreams" Collages.

I create my paper collages and mixed media art pieces are using many varieties of paper, photographs, old magazines, paint, and anything else that happens to catch my eye. My architectural landscapes are neither real nor fantasy, but both. People often ask me if I know what I’m going to make before I begin, and I tell them that, while I may initially know I want to create some kind of city, I’m never entirely sure what the final piece will look like.

My goal is to create beautiful and interesting art that people can hang on their walls, look at again and again, and see something new every time. I am motivated by a love of creating and by things I see everyday, such as colors, objects, photos, buildings, people from diverse cultures and places I have visited or would like to see. Then I let the creative process take me where it will.

I love making my collages, and I hope you will love them too.

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