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  • What are Catbird Moon Collages made of?
    Most of my handmade landscape collages are made of paper, photographs, and acrylic paint.
  • Are prints available for pieces which originals have been sold?
    Yes, prints are available for most of my collages!
  • Is your work available in galleries?
    My collage, "Vertical Harmony" is currently available at Mrs. Toolip Gallery in Barcelona.
  • Have your collages won any competitions?
    In May 2023, I won a place as one of 30 Finalists in Mrs Toolip International Art Contest in Barcelona Spain. In February, 2023, I was selected and won honorable mention for a "The City at Night 2" in the Handcrafted Juried Art Show, at the Imperial Center in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. I also won honorable mention in the Center for Visual Arts Greensboro (CVA) Members Gallery. In addition, I placed 1st in the North Carolina Statewide Silver Arts State Competition for Mixed Media in both 2020 and 2021 for "Windmills in the Sky" and "The City at Night."
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